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CD released 2010
The Best of AeroSith: 21st Century Masters

Featuring 16 songs: All the hits,  2 tracks from the out of print first album, 2 newly recorded songs, and the 2010 AeroSith Live Medley.





 DVD release 2009

  Live at McGuire's Comedy Club

Featuring the 2009 & 2008 Medley Videos plus 7 Live performances




CD released 4.7.09
Praying To the Great (mistake) Maker

Featuring 'Thou Shalt Not Worship False Gods' 'Execute Order 66' 'I Need A Galaxy To Conquer' and the new and expanded version of 'Stop Making Special Editions.'




CD released 4.4.08
AeroSith Rides Again

Featuring 'Twisted and Evil' 'The Sith Will Rule Again' 'Using the Force' and 'Stop Making Special Editions.' 14 songs total.




CD released 3.27.07
30th Anniversary CD (in dog years)

Featuring 'It was Just a Movie' 'Little Green Friend' 'Church of the Sith' and 'A Dark Lord Stepped in Sith.' 11 songs total.




DVD released 10.06.06

  Revenge of the Sith Medley Video

Featuring the 2005 Medley Video plus 6 Live performances




CD released 3.28.06

The Sith is Right

Featuring 10 songs plus the bonus track "AeroSith 2006 Medley"


"Sith is Right" T-Shirt

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AeroSith 2006 T-Shirt

Sizes in stock: Large, X-Large


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