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March 12, 2004

AeroSith The Star Wars Parody band presented by Docking Bay 516: The Long Island Star Wars Fan club will make its debut performance at ICON's Cabaret on Saturday March 27, 2004 at 8 PM in Pritchard Hall.

The band will be performing it's 8 minute medley of hard rock versions of Star Wars themes and rock songs with original movie dialog; all with a comedic twist.

The all-Sith band features Emperor Palpatine on vocals and electric guitar, Darth Maul on bass guitar, Stormtrooper TK - Wha?? on keyboards and blaster, and Anakin Cymbalwalker on drums.

Aerosith is presented by Docking Bay 516: The Long Island Star Wars Fan club. Visit DB516 at their table in ICON's registration area for more information on the club and Aerosith.

The ICON SCI-FI convention runs March 26-28, 2004 at Stony Brook University in Stony brook Long Island.


The Dagobah Daily                                                                 Music correspondent  Torque Bro’qoli
4/17/03 AeroSith - The Crystal Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Secaucus NJ
    AeroSith opened up for Samantha Newark (the voice of 80’s cartoon character JEM). The Star Wars parody band played another great show this time in celebrating Ian McDiarmid’s 57th birthday (Ian portrayed Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars). AeroSith said they felt honored to be playing the Empire Fan Fest weekend, which also featured a rare personal appearance by Star Wars legendary actor Mark Hamill. In an interview after the show The Emperor stated, “I owe everything to Luke Skywalker. If he hadn’t challenged me on the Death Star, which led to Vader throwing me into that chasm; I would have never gone into hiding to form my own band. Hey, if Elvis can fake his own death, why cant I?”
    The MC introduced the show “On the first leg of their Galactic World Tour, AeroSith!” The Star Wars opening theme played while the darkly lit stage, adorned with a gigantic AeroSith logo, waited for the Star Wars super-heros. They walked on in the dark as the keyboardist Stormtrooper played “The Emperor’s Theme.” The Emperor emerged in a haze of smoke and red light obviously disoriented by the non-black-clothed crowd (something the Emperor doesn’t see much of) muttering to himself “Good, Good.” Immediately the Emperor whipped out his guitar and the whole band started grooving to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” with AeroSith-style lyrics retitled “You Want This.” Jar Jar Binks appeared on the side of the stage dancing and infuriating keyboard player ‘Stormtrooper TK- Wha ??’ The Emperor sung “You Want This” holding a Blaster in hand, one that the Stormtrooper wanted badly to use on Jar Jar. ‘Stormtrooper TK - Wha ??’ later told this interviewer: “That little b*****d Jar Jar, I told him to f***kin’ stay away from this band or I’d blast the S**T out of him!!!”  Indeed, he did.
    The band played through some familiar Star Wars themes pausing for a few moments for Emperor Palpatine, in all his glorious sanity, to try and reason with a few cardboard stand-ups of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Drummer Anakin Cymbalwalker later commented, “At times like that in our set, I feel like I’m stepping forward in time.”  
    Darth Maul held his bass as if it was a double-necked guitar. He could give any headbanger a run for their mon… ah, credits. He rarely talks to anyone but did lean over to a fan and say: “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have our revenge.”
    In the final song “Duel Of Fates”, an over zealous fan named Spat bowed in front of the band and, in an orgasmic frenzy, ripped his under wear out of his pants and threw it on the Emperor’s head. Another fan commented: “That was worth the price of admission alone!” (Spat is well known to fans for attempting to maintain a nationwide bar tab.) The band played on as the lights flashed to a climactic end.
    What’s next for AeroSith? The Emperor reveals: “We may do an intergalactic year long tour, or become the house band on the retro-variety show called “Donnie, Marie, The Captain, and Tennille.” Darth Maul refuses to do interviews and in fact rarely talks at all. He did offer one comment: “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have our revenge.” He was right: AeroSith has revealed themselves.


The Long Islander WeeklyMarch 31 - April 6 issue , "Music on the Island"
Music critic Jess Elano
    This past weekend Stony Brook University held its 23rd annual ICON weekend-long Science Fiction convention. As expected all walks of life in the Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror and bizarre genres come out in costumes to spread their strange joy around on each other. What does this have to do with this music critic? Well, there is music in space and on other planets too, ya know! So I hopped on my flying saucer and away I went.
    On Saturday Night ICON presented its Cabaret talent show featuring anyone who has the guts to walk up on a stage. The Pritchard Hall sat about 300 people watching 12 different acts ranging from Sci-Fi TV show stars like Chase Masterson and Vaughn Armstrong performing solo versions of blues songs; to Celtic new-age bands such as Emerald Rose and Voltaire; to comedic improv acts and filkers.
    The most interesting act of the night was a group of Star Wars movie bad-guy characters that call them selves AeroSith. Dressed in masks and costumes and playing guitars, drums, and keyboards, they performed rock songs under red lights and smoke. It was sort of a Black Sabbath-meets-George Lucus-meets-Kiss experience. They played about a 10-minute medley of Star Wars themes and rock songs such as “Walk This Way,” explaining the band name play-on-words AeroSith. For the uninitiated geeks out there: “Sith” is the general name for the evildoers and chaos creators in Star Wars.
    I knew it was a comedy act when the crowd roared as the keyboard-playing Storm trooper shot dead the annoying Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. The band rocked along talking to cardboard character stand-ups and finished with a big ovation from the crowd.
    The band is probably off to another planet on their tour, I guess I’ll blast-off on out of here.  

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