9.01.07 - Dragon*Con MOTF Cantina Party Atlanta, GA, AeroSith and the Models perform together with some special guest dancers.

3.25.06 - I-CON 25 Stony Brook, Long Island, Masquerade debuting the new "Sith Is Right" stage show. Photos courtesy of The Pariah

9.24.05 - Got Mauled's Birthday cake
9.4.05 - Dragon*Con Atlanta, GA, Masquerade Performance of "You Want This"
Photos courtesy of Maboroshi from RisingSun.net


9.3.05 - Dragon*Con Atlanta, GA, Star Wars costume contest



6.18.05 - Big Apple Con, New York City, NY

Yes, it's true... Anakin's real father is Darth Maul.

pay no attention to the person behind the Jar Jar

"I said... no cell phones!"

Who will win this time...

Qui-Gon, of course!

AeroSith hits the streets of Manhattan

posing with a fan

AeroSith friend Zorikh

Galactic Emperor and rock star, yet he still hails his own cabs.

Maul tries to help

Lost again.

He still mails his own letters too.

"Outer Rim Today"

"Help us Darth Maul, you're our only hope"

"Never mind then!"


More adoring fans!

Mini AeroSith!


4.09.05 - I-CON 24 Stony Brook NY, Masquerade    


Sharon's Fotos (below)



9.04.04 -  Dragon*Con Atlanta, GA, Star Wars costume contest




    4.30.04 - AeroSith taping of video / fan film in East Hills, Long Island





  4.17.04 - AeroSith performance at Empire Fan Fest Secaucus, NJ

Jeremy Bulloch "Boba Fett" loved our band concept.


Spat's underwear rears it's ugly head on the Emperor's head
photo courtesy of Maul Stanley


    3.27.04 - AeroSith performance at I-CON Cabaret


TK-Ma & TK-Pa are proud of their boy!



    3.1.04 - AeroSith first dress rehearsal




    2.28.04 - AeroSith first rehearsal