Official Star Wars site - Official Star Wars site

        Docking Bay 516 -  Long Island's Star Wars fan club that created AeroSith. - A new Star Wars fan community web site with latest news and feature coverage.

         SithClan.Org - A Maryland based club. Check out AeroSith's music on their site

        The Force.Net - The Long Island Star Wars fan clubs host web site

        GotArmor.Com - If you got Armor, you probably got it here.

        Destinies Radio Show, Friday nights on WUSB 90.1 - Often features AeroSith songs in it's programming.

        Docking Bay 101 - A Star Wars fan run music and sound web site featuring AeroSith songs.

        Outsight Radio Hours - A Detroit MI internet radio program that features AeroSith music.

        I-CON - AeroSith's home SciFi con. AeroSith performs there every year.

        Dragon*Con - Atlanta GA con that AeroSith performs at.

        Big Apple Con - New York City Con that AeroSith performs at.