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11.11.10 -- Check out the new Star Wars Documentary now on DVD called "Jedi Junkies." AeroSith is seen in the movie. Here is a short preview on the G4 Network's Attack Of The Show:


9.4.06 -- AeroSith performed "The Sith is Right" show in Atlanta, GA at the Dragon*Con convention at the Star Wars Costume contest on September 2, 2006.

1.25.06 -- The "Outsight Radio Hours"  Internet radio program interviews The Emperor of AeroSith live Sunday, Feb. 5, 2006 at 4PM Eastern. Listeners are encouraged to participate via chat during the 15 minute interview. Information on the show and for listener participation via chat go to: http://www.luver.com."

12.4.05 -- Today AeroSith taped a music video for "Strike Me Down" (photos below). Due to  weather conditions, AeroSith secret out-door show has been rescheduled for December 20, 2005 somewhere on Long Island. They will  perform their "2005 Medley" for the final time before the band goes on hiatus to dream up a  new stage act for the 2006 season. The performance will be filmed for inclusion in the new DVD.


11.28.05 -- Today AeroSith filmed some final footage for an AeroSith Docu-history to be included on their new DVD (due for release in January 2006). They shot interviews with all the members, and filmed two song performances: "You Want This" in a choreographed Marching band formation format, and "The AeroSith Theme" sung to the Batman theme. AeroSith will play a secret show on December 4, 2005 somewhere on Long Island performing their "2005 Medley" for the final time before the band goes on hiatus to dream up a  new stage act for the 2006 season. The performance will be filmed for inclusion in the new DVD.

Here are some photos from the session.


9.18.05 -- AeroSith appeared Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA at the Dragon*Con Star Wars Costume contest. They performed their 10 minute Medley to open the show. AeroSith also performed one song, "You Want This" at the Masquerade show the following day before an audience of 1000. The show was braodcast on TV locally.

8.28.05 -- AeroSith's 2005 hit songs are available on the Download Page. "Sith Sabbath" and "Revenge of the Sith."

5.25.05 -- Check out an interview with the AeroSith band on MeStupid.com   http://www.mestupid.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=83

5.24.05 -- Some photos of ICON 24 are up on the photos page.

5.13.05 -- A Star Wars Revenge of the Sith opening day May 19, 2005 party is being held at the Plan B club in NYC at 339 E. 10th St. They will be showing the AeroSith 2004 medley video.



5.1.05 -- AeroSith auditioned (on 4/30/05) in New York City for the USA network who will air an AFI tribute to George Lucas in June 2005. The production company is gathering footage of Star Wars fans to use as promotional clips leading up to the airing of the special. The director spent an hour on AeroSith who performed multiple takes of "Revenge of the Sith," "Fear Attracts The Fearfull," and "Imperial March." Then the band sat together and did a 15 minute interview.


4.15.05 -- Aerosith has been made honorary members of the Disciples of the Sith Clan. "As Leader of the Disciples of Sith clan. I would like to make you and the rest of the band honorary members of the DOTS clan. Welcome to the SITH." AeroSith lead singer Emperor Palpatine accepted the award with these remarks: "It is with great reluctance that I agree to this calling. I love democracy. I love the republic. The power you give me - I will lay down when this crisis is abated." Check them out at www.SithClan.org
4.11.05 -- AeroSith performed a fantastic set before a standing room only crowd at Icon's Masquerade ball in Stony Brook, NY on 4/9/05. Photos and reviews to be posted soon.
3.24.05 -- On 3/25/05 at 11:30 PM Listen to Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction on Long Island's WUSB 90.1 FM To hear two AeroSith songs "Strike Me Down" and "Duel of Fates."
This is the I-Con 24 Performers Preview show which also netcasts at http://www.wusb.fm/

3.4.05 -- AeroSith has an all new act for 2005. The new show features their new hit song "Revenge Of The Sith," a duet between Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine, as well as new comedy skits featuring a few Jedi Masters. AeroSith will debut the new act at the ICON-24 Masquerade in Stony Brook NY on 4/9/05.

1.6.05 -- AeroSith's "2004 Medley Video" DVD has been released. The DVD includes the professionally shot "Medley video" and four separate live performances of the band in 2004. The 57 minute video comes in a deluxe box with two mini AeroSith concert posters. Here is what the artwork looks like.

1.3.05  -- Here are links to fan photos taken at AeroSith's Atlanta, GA Dragon*Con performance:


http://www.teamdavinci.com/dragoncon/              http://tk7602.com/gallery/index.php?cat=10

http://www.cyberdragon.org/                                 http://www.njoproject.com/files/dcon/


10.22.04 - On October 22, 2004 90.1 WUSB, Stony Brook, NY aired a live recording of AeroSith's March 2004 performance at I-Con 23's Cabaret. The radio show is called 'Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction.' Destinies airs weekly at 11:30 PM on 90.1 FM, WUSB, Stony Brook, and can be heard online at http://wusb.fm/audio/hear_us.shtml

8.23.04 - AeroSith's band video / fan film is nearly complete and will premier sometime in September. AeroSith's next live performance is in Atlanta GA at DragonCon on 9/4/04 at 4 PM at the Star Wars Costume Contest.

4.30.04 - AeroSith performed multiple sets in a parking lot for the residents of East Hills Long Island. A camera crew from Outer Space Productions was on hand to tape the performances for a band video / fan film due for release in Summer 2004.

4.26.04 - AeroSith MP3s should be ready   in a day or two on the main page.

4.17.04 - AeroSith releases its first CD titled 'AeroSith' featuring hits 'You Want This', 'The Imperial March', 'Strike Me Down', 'The Power Of The Darkside', and more. 

4.14.04 - AeroSith.com is up and running. Check here for all your AeroSith needs. In the upcoming weeks we will have announcements about a new CD, a video, some TV appearances, and more live performances. Stay Tuned!