The Emperor

Got Mauled

RG Mc Gillicuddy

Anakin Cymbalwalker

vocals, guitar

6 string bass guitar




The AeroSith story... They came from a galaxy far far away, cast out from their society because of their political views. Maybe they were a little heavy handed and aggressive; some think their ancient religion is dead.

You may have seen the Star Wars movies, heard the stories and the myths about these four. Some call them bad guys - they call themselves "The Sith."

They came here to Earth in 21st Century looking for a new life. Day jobs aren't easy to find for these strangely attired fellows, so they turned to a profession they could be accepted in - show business. They found rock music songs to be a perfect vehicle to preach their beliefs to a new population.

The real story... AeroSith The Star Wars Parody Band are a Long Island based group of costumed characters who perform rock songs with a comedic Sci-Fi twist. The AeroSith act includes all the bombastic trappings of a rock n roll band; smoke, swirling lights, blazing guitar solos, and headbanging. See 'The Emperor', 'Got Mauled', 'Anakin Cymbalwalker', and 'RG-McGillicuddy' interact with cardboard stand-up characters, duel with Lightsabres and guitars, and lose all credibility as real musicians. The Foursome are part theatre, part comedy, part music, and all fun. AeroSith has been inflicting their twisted brand of mayhem on the world for three years and in typical rock n roll fashion, have announced that their 2007 tour is their farewell tour.

The band is returning from a successful 2006 tour in support of their critically acclaimed "The Sith Is Right" CD. 2007 will see the band perform infamous stage show one last time setting the stage for their "Behind the Music' TV special.

The Formation of AeroSith...  The idea for the band materialized in December 2003 when the Long Island Chapter of the Star Wars Fan Force met for their monthly meeting. The Events coordinator was looking for some kind of presentation to promote the fan club at the upcoming March 2004 I-CON Sci-Fi Convention in Stony Brook NY.

He knew some of the members were musicians and one of them had recently made a comedy mix of dialog from the Star Wars movies just for fun. His idea was to incorporate the mix into a stage act of costumed Star Wars characters to perform in the Cabaret program at the I-CON convention.

The club went to work on rehearsals, script writing and the soundtrack recording throughout early 2004.

The band debuted their act before a small live audience at a small club on Long Island called The UltraSound Lounge on March 1, 2004. Four weeks later they performed their act at the I-CON convention before a very enthusiastic crowd of approximately 300.

AeroSith knew they had something original. There have been parody bands before but not containing all dialog and lyrics from the original source of the parody. Unique to AeroSith is that this is not just a band performing music, it is a visual stage show comedy act.

The buzz was out on AeroSith; the fans swamped their web site with e-mails and requests for more appearances and new music. The AeroSith phenomenon had to continue. Soon after they were featured on WUSB-FM's "Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction" radio show. WUSB's DR. Howard Margolin has continued to be a big supporter of AeroSith. Next in April, 2003 they performed at the Empire Fan fest convention in Secaucus NJ where Mark Hamill was the special guest.

The busy spring continued as Outer Space productions filmed the band in East Hills, Long Island for a video DVD release.

Summer 2004 saw the release of AeroSith's first CD on Outer Space Records called "A Star Wars Parody Rock Band." The CD featured the full stage act soundtrack as well as bonus tracks and alternate mixes. The band's last performance of 2004 was their biggest yet. It was in Atlanta, GA on 9/4/04 at the Dragon*Con convention. They played before a sellout crowd opening up the Star Wars masquerade show before approximately 500 people.

In December, 2004, Outer Space Productions finally released the official AeroSith DVD. Which featured "The 2004 Medley Video," shot in East Hills Long Island, as well as four other live performances by the band in 2004.

In 2005 the band recorded a few new songs to back their recent hit "Revenge of The Sith" in celebration of the release of Star Wars Episode 3. The band taped a segment for USA networks "AFI Tribute to George Lucas" which never aired.

2006 Saw the release of the  "The Sith Is Right" CD featuring artwork designed by acclaimed artist TCD. The member symbols on the cover have become synonymous with the AeroSith characters. The Sith is Right CD is a classic release and is still AeroSith's top seller.

In 2007 the band released a single: 'A Dark Lord Stepped In Sith' b/w 'Little Green Friend.' that got some decent radio airplay. Soon after, a full length CD was released to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The title: "30th Anniversary (in dog years)", accurate in that the band has only existed for 4 years. The tour for this album was billed as 'The Farewell tour.' The end of their live set featured Jar Jar Binks assassinating all the members of AeroSith live on stage.

In 2008 the band reunited for a tour called "The Return of the Sith" and released an album called "AeroSith Rides Again." An original AeroSith Song called "Twisted and Evil" received a lot of attention and was somewhat of a surprise hit. In a departure from the band's style, the album featured 5 Bonus tracks of AeroSith accompanied by the Modals Cantina band.

AeroSith released a concept album in 2009. "Praying To the Great (mistake) Maker" explored the concept of religion in Star Wars and it's misconceptions of God's. Standout songs are "Execute Order 66" and "thou Shalt Not Worship False Gods."

The AeroSith concept has grown from a local Long Island fan club promotional idea to a national phenomenon. Look for AeroSith at a Convention or venue near you.


AeroSith Lyrics

You Want This
(sung to M.C. Hammer's "Cant Touch This")
You Want This
You Want This
You Want This-. . . Don't you
Give in to your Anger
The hate is swelling in you now
Your hate has made you powerful
Let the hate flow through you

Strike Me Down
(sung to Aerosmith's "Walk This Way")
It was I who searched for young Skywalker
It was I could turn him to the dark side
It was I who has foreseen he has grown strong
It was I who will be his undoing
See for yourself young Skywalker I have been expecting you
See for yourself you will call me master
See for yourself your insignificant rebellion
See for yourself you make yourself more my servant
Strike me down   It is of no concern
Strike me down   So be it Jedi. . . Much like your father

Power of the Dark Side
(sung to Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash")
You've done well Lord Vader to continue your search for young Skywalker
Only together can we turn him to the dark side of the force
(it's alright) Patience my friend Young Skywalker, he will seek you out
(it's alright) Patience my friend Young Skywalker, the power of the dark dark side
Go to the sanctuary moon and wait for him
and then go out to the command ship and await my orders
and then go to the far side of Endor
and then go out to the command ship and await my orders
and then go to the shield generator
and then go out to the command ship and await my orders
and then go out to the battle station
I told you to remain on the command ship
(it's alright) Patience my friend      Young Skywalker, he will seek you out
(it's alright) Patience my friend      Young Skywalker, the power of the dark dark side
The Power of the Dark. . .Dark, Dark Side
The Power of the Dark. . .Dark, Dark Side
The Power of the Dark. . .Dark, Dark Side
The Power of the Dark. . .Dark, Dark Side